Sanna Botha

Sanna, who established Aviomed in 2006, is the wife of the world-renowned pigeon and avian veterinarian, Dr Ockert Botha.

Sanna, being a professional horse trainer for most of her adult life, realized the importance of correct medication and supplements to ensure optimal performance. Five years ago she started the well known equine company “Superior Horse Products”. These equine products have earned tremendous acclaim as being well-researched quality products at incredibly affordable prices.

During her travels accompanying her husband on his lecture tours and visits to pigeon trade show she noticed the demand to develop a new well researched and most importantly an affordable range of pigeon products. She found that most pigeon companies either produced only chemical medicinal products or only natural supplements but seldom combined the two.

Dr. Ockert Botha

Dr Ockert Botha, who was the founder of avian and pigeon medicine in South Africa in 1988. He is still active, world wide, as a veterinary avian and pigeon consultant to aid pigeon fanciers in maintaining the utmost health and performance of their pigeons. Dr Botha will be joining Aviomed as technical director during 2010. He may be contacted for advice or to book as a lecturer on e mail at vet@pigeonvet.com.