A unique fumigator for the fogging of pigeon lofts and aviaries

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A unique fumigator for the fogging of pigeon lofts and aviaries. This safe and highly effective combination of broad spectrum disinfectant and insecticide will eradicate all infectious agents including viruses, bacteria, fungi and insects. The fogging action ensures that the product penetrates into any cracks and crevices for  optimal efficacy.

Recommended use:

Remove pigeons or birds from lofts and use as a fumigator according to instructions. Use before the racing and breeding season and during outbreak of any disease.


A potent antiseptic and an insecticide combined with a insect growth regulator.

Directions of use

Empty loft and next door lofts of all pigeons. Close all shutters and air holes to ensure that the loft is properly sealed. Place Fumigone fogger in the middle of the loft. Activate fogger by depressing the valve. Step away from fogger and close the door. Leave loft sealed for 2 hours. Open and airrate for 3 hours before replacing pigeons.