Lectrolyte is one of the most complete and well researched electrolyte combinations specifically developed for racing pigeons

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Lectrolyte is one of the most complete and well-researched electrolyte combinations specifically developed for racing pigeons. It not only contains all the essential electrolytes needed before and after a race but also an amazing range of major as well as minor amino-acids. It reduces the pigeons thirst during races so that pigeons do not go down for water as often during the race. Lectrolyte is different from any other pigeon electrolytes as it contains liquorices extract that entices pigeons to drink enough water before the race and has an immune stimulating effect during the race. This addition can clearly be smelt when opening the container. Lectrolyte is the perfect electrolyte combination to use as an aid in treating YBD. It also is an excellent product to use in warmer months when babies start to develop the wet nest syndrome from being fed to much water by stock birds.

Recommended use:

Add Lectrolyte to the pigeons drinking water on the morning of basketing until noon. Pigeons returning from the races should receive Lectrolyte for the full day. Babies suffering from YBD should receive Lectrolyte in their drinking water for as long as symptoms remain. When babies suffer from the wet nest syndrome Lectrolyte should be added to stock birds drinking water in the mornings

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200 g, 400 g